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Member Stories

Hope RCL Member

Member Moment – Hope

She came to us in her beat-up sedan sporting freshly dyed hair, trendy clothing and confident demeanor. Hope was all smiles, helpful and engaging. When staff sat down with her to chat, we quickly learned she was a master of masks.  Hope had been homeless for several weeks, fleeing a toxic co-dependent relationship. Her ex-boyfriend

Member Chandra

Member Moment – Chandra

So much has changed in the few months since Chandra first came to Recovery Café Longmont. Since joining our community, she has become substance-free, secured stable housing, landed her first real job, and gotten on track to graduate from an online school next summer with an associate’s degree as a medical administrative assistant. Her dream

Conversation & Kleenex: Chapter Five

Marrying and having a family were all a part of the plan. His wife developing a meth addiction was not. The mood swings, paranoia, draining joint bank accounts, and strangers suddenly appearing at the house were not okay with ‘Danny’, and certainly weren’t okay for his two young children. His wife would disappear for days or weeks

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