Regular hours of operation are:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11am – 3pm

Friday: 4pm – 7pm

Saturday: noon – 3pm

Join us for Open Mic Night on the first Friday of each month!

Several classes and support groups are offered before and after Café hours of operation.

Please see our schedule for more information.




"I Keep What I Have by Giving it Away" The Work of a Peer Support Specialist

I Keep What I Have By Giving it Away

The Work of a Peer Support Specialist By Elyssa Hamilton, Peer Support & Communications Specialist/ Volunteer Coordinator As a peer support specialist, I draw strength from my personal journey through substance use and mental health conditions, walking alongside others on similar paths. This career allows me to transform my hardships, self-pity, and shame into something

Member Moment: Gypsy

Gypsy’s transformative journey from isolation to belonging finds its heartwarming haven at Recovery Café Longmont. In the initial throes of his struggle, Gypsy grappled with the gnawing sense of being adrift, as if the world had turned its back on him. Enter Recovery Café Longmont, a sanctuary where his life would take a meaningful turn.

Harold’s Story: The Power of Peer Support

Meeting Harold for the first time one would see him as a calm, reserved man. His journey however, may surprise you. As a survivor of many hardships, Harold’s resilience serves as a story of hope to those recovering from substance use disorder.   Once a hesitant prospective member of the Café, he remained open-minded, optimistic

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