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Please stay safe and we look forward to re-opening the Café as soon as possible!


Community Stories

Conversation & Kleenex: Chapter Five

Marrying and having a family were all a part of the plan. His wife developing a meth addiction was not. The mood swings, paranoia, draining joint bank accounts, and strangers suddenly appearing at the house were not okay with ‘Danny’, and certainly weren’t okay for his two young children. His wife would disappear for days or weeks

Conversation & Kleenex: Chapter Four

Lifelong Experience For someone who has experienced the fullness of a long life, ‘Jane’ has been challenged to face new obstacles in her senior days. In her mid-60s, she watched her life change from happily married, housed, and healthy, to one heartbreak after another. In a year-long spiral of pain and heartbreak, Jane has walked

Conversation and Kleenex: Chapter Three

Familiar Eyes Her first visit to the Café was full of questions and curiosity. The frail woman was relatively new to the area, didn’t qualify for other local services, and was experiencing homelessness. She was in a very fragile place, but after a hot cup of coffee and warm plate of lasagna, she started to

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