Regular hours of operation are:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11am – 3pm

Friday: 4pm – 7pm

Saturday: noon – 3pm

Join us for Open Mic Night on the first Friday of each month!

Several classes and support groups are offered before and after Café hours of operation.

Please see our schedule for more information.


Peer Support

Recovery Café Longmont is committed to nurturing our members to rebuild their lives, as well as giving our members the tools to support each other. This peer-to-peer aspect of recovery support is one of the most powerful pieces of Recovery Café’s success.

The Café has peer support specialists on staff. Peer support specialists are people with lived experience with addiction, mental health, and/or trauma who use these personal experiences to help others navigate the recovery process. Peer support is a tool that many people find very helpful during their recovery journey. Among other things, our peer support specialists can help with connecting members to resources, helping members build recovery-based skills, and advocating for people in recovery. If you are interested in connecting with one of our peer support specialists, please email us at or call 720-815-2885. Peer support is available in English and Spanish.


Referral Services

Recovery Café has relationships and more formal partnerships with a wide network of complementary service providers. Recovery Café helps members gain and maintain (through recovery support) housing, healthcare, mental health services, legal assistance and a base of support as Members navigate the complex social services system. We can also help connect people to harm reduction services. In doing so, we are maximizing the impact of social service providers across the spectrum of need. If you are interested in learning more about our referral partners, please email us at or call 720-815-2885.


See a list of local addiction/recovery resources. 


We are a proud Member of the

Recovery Café Network